Buying and Selling

After years of website investing, I have experienced almost any website buying or selling scenario that you can imagine.  On this page, you will find my “how to” and informational articles about buying and selling websites.

If you have a question about something that I have not covered here, feel free to contact me using the contact links below.

what to watch out for when buying a website on flippa

Things to be careful of when buying a website on [2023]

Considering buying a website on Flippa? If you decide to get into the business of website investing, and aren’t working with a reputable broker or partner, it’s important to be careful. This is especially true if you’re trying to get…

website due diligence roadmap

Website due diligence: a primer [2023]

Ready to buy a website but don’t know how to do the necessary due diligence? I’ve written this article to introduce you to the website due diligence process, so you can do basic due diligence research. Introduction If you’re a…

website valuation

Website valuation: a primer [2023]

To get into the business of website investing, you need to know how to determine a site’s value. Whether you want to make an offer to purchase a site or set a price to sell your site, you’ll need to…

how to buy a website

How to buy a website: a primer [2023]

Wondering how to buy a website? In this era of remote working, the lure of making money online is a strong one. Almost everyone considers the idea of starting a blog or building a website. But growing a website is…

should you build or buy a website

Should you build or buy a website? [2023]

To get started earning money from websites, you have two options: build or buy a website. Both of these options have their benefits and drawbacks, and there’s no perfect answer for everyone. This article is a framework for determining which…