Getting Started

New here?  Not long ago, a lot of us were. Yet, with some stumbles along the way, we were able to thrive in the world of website investing.

In this section, you will learn all about the basics of investing in websites, from determining whether website investing is right for you to closing your first deal, you’ll find guides here.

If this is your first time on the site, I encourage you to start with Is investing in websites right for you?  After that, check out Risks of investing in websites.  Finally, you can move on to How to buy a website and Website due diligence: a primer.

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the links below.

how to prepare a website for sale

How to prepare a website for sale [2023]

Thinking of selling your website? You could go to a broker immediately and see if they will list your site. But if you take a few important steps before going to a broker, you could end up with a much…

is investing in websites right for you

Is investing in websites right for you? [2023]

Can you invest in a website? Absolutely.  Medium- to long-term investing in websites is an excellent option for people who are looking for alternatives to traditional investments, such as equities and real estate.  Websites have a lot of advantages over…

the best ways to find profitable websites for sale

The best ways to find profitable websites for sale [2022]

How do you find profitable websites for sale? With more and more people getting into the website investing space, lots of brokerages are springing up where you can find profitable websites for sale. But what are the best options? Where…

can free websites make money

Can free websites make money? [2023]

Can free websites make money? Absolutely! It’s very common for a free website to make thousands of dollars or more a month. In fact, there’s a whole industry based on this. There are several ways in which free websites can…

how much can you make investing in websites

How much can you make investing in websites? [2023]

How much can you make investing in websites? In the past, there has been the misconception that you can’t make much money this way. But that’s wrong. Website investors span a huge range. Some make millions of dollars per month,…

risks of investing in websites

Risks of investing in websites [2023]

This article looks at the risks of investing in websites. Investing in websites can be very lucrative. There are plenty of hundred-million dollar funds that focus on buying and running sites. But there are risks. No matter your niche, the…

website due diligence roadmap

Website due diligence: a primer [2023]

Ready to buy a website but don’t know how to do the necessary due diligence? I’ve written this article to introduce you to the website due diligence process, so you can do basic due diligence research. Introduction If you’re a…

website valuation

Website valuation: a primer [2023]

To get into the business of website investing, you need to know how to determine a site’s value. Whether you want to make an offer to purchase a site or set a price to sell your site, you’ll need to…

how to buy a website

How to buy a website: a primer [2023]

Wondering how to buy a website? In this era of remote working, the lure of making money online is a strong one. Almost everyone considers the idea of starting a blog or building a website. But growing a website is…