Hi! I’m Raj, an ex-programmer who got tired of the whole programming thing and wanted to try something different. After working at several startups, and founding my own, I started to realize programming and the whole startup lifestyle is just not for me.

In 2017, I left my job as a VP (supposedly doing product development but mostly writing code) at a New York startup to try something different. And let me tell you, it did NOT work out well at first. In fact, in the first few months I lost over $100,000 by making bad buys. But I decided to try again, and now I’ve been doing website investing full time for more than a half decade.

I have been profiled in Crain’s Magazine and quoted in dozens of publications, such as Forbes, the Washington Times, and eWeek. I have also appeared on several radio and TV stations throughout the country.

My goal with this site is to help beginner website investors avoid the pitfalls of the business, and get to profitability much faster.