This category contains reviews of website hosting services.  There are so many hosting services available, but which ones are the best for website investors with multiple websites and special business requirements?

I’ve tried all of the top names in hosting, and these are my personal experiences.

Duda vs WordPress: The Ultimate Test

Since we first wrote this article, a lot has changed, and each of the tools has made progress. This version looks at the latest versions of each of the tools, and our latest choices for the best. You’re ready to…

“Bluehost vs SiteGround vs HostGator: Best WordPress Host [2022]” is locked Bluehost vs SiteGround vs HostGator: Best WordPress Host

Bluehost vs SiteGround vs HostGator: Best WordPress Host

Everyone has a particular website host that they are comfortable with by now. Whether you’re used to hosting static sites or complex proprietary web apps, you probably have a few go-to options. So you may think that it makes sense…

best wordpress host: siteground vs godaddy vs inmotion

SiteGround vs Godaddy vs InMotion: Best WordPress Host

If you’re a website investor or blogger, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of hosting. Whether you have a small static site or a large web application, there’s a hosting solution out there that’s right for you. However, WordPress…