Buying and Selling

After years of website investing, I have experienced almost any website buying or selling scenario that you can imagine.  On this page, you will find my “how to” and informational articles about buying and selling websites.

If you have a question about something that I have not covered here, feel free to contact me using the contact links below.

how to prepare a website for sale

How to prepare a website for sale [2023]

Thinking of selling your website? You could go to a broker immediately and see if they will list your site. But if you take a few important steps before going to a broker, you could end up with a much…

is flipping a website a good way to make money

Is flipping websites a good way to make money? [2023]

There are two main strategies for website buyers: longer-term investing in websites and short-term flipping websites. Investing in websites means buying the website and holding it, continuously earning a monthly income while holding on to the website asset. Flipping websites…

how much is my website worth

How much is my website worth? [2023]

Do you have a website that makes money? Then you may be wondering how much is my website worth? The fact is, websites can be extremely valuable, and if you have the right kind of website, selling it could net…

the best ways to find profitable websites for sale

The best ways to find profitable websites for sale [2022]

How do you find profitable websites for sale? With more and more people getting into the website investing space, lots of brokerages are springing up where you can find profitable websites for sale. But what are the best options? Where…

due diligence owner involvement

Website due diligence: owner involvement

Quite possibly the easiest thing for a website seller to fudge during due diligence is how much time or effort an owner needs to put in. Since investment websites are generally run by the owner (plus some contractors), misrepresented owner…

how to transfer a website after buying

How to transfer a website after buying

If you’re considering buying a website, probably one of the last things on your mind is how you will transfer it, since due diligence, valuation, and risk analysis are more pressing. Nevertheless, a transfer plan is important, since a misstep…

how to do due diligence on expired domains

Due diligence on expired domains: a guide [2023]

Once you have found expired (or aged) domains for your 301 redirects or new websites, you need to perform due diligence on the expired domains. You don’t want to associate a spammy domain with your site, as doing so could…