Due diligence

Before buying a website, it’s important to do thorough due diligence on it.

Due diligence is the process of examining the site closely and making sure that everything that the seller claims is true.  Possibly the most obvious component of this is checking the income against bank, ad network, and affiliate statements.

However, there’s much more  due diligence than income.  Proper due diligence involves verifying the traffic of a website, as well as the backlinks and keywords.  It also involves checking for any deficiencies with the site, such as legal problems.  It also involves ensuring that the employees or contractors are performing their expected duties and that their compensation is correct.

In this category, you can find my articles about all aspects of due diligence.

due diligence owner involvement

Website due diligence: owner involvement

Quite possibly the easiest thing for a website seller to fudge during due diligence is how much time or effort an owner needs to put in. Since investment websites are generally run by the owner (plus some contractors), misrepresented owner…

how to do due diligence on expired domains

Due diligence on expired domains: a guide [2023]

Once you have found expired (or aged) domains for your 301 redirects or new websites, you need to perform due diligence on the expired domains. You don’t want to associate a spammy domain with your site, as doing so could…

website due diligence roadmap

Website due diligence: a primer [2023]

Ready to buy a website but don’t know how to do the necessary due diligence? I’ve written this article to introduce you to the website due diligence process, so you can do basic due diligence research. Introduction If you’re a…