Due diligence

due diligence with Google Analytics

Website due diligence with Google Analytics: a guide

If you’re thinking of buying a website and you’re in the due diligence phase, one of the most important things you can do is review the site’s Google Analytics. There are countless pieces of information that you can glean from…

how to do due diligence on expired domains

Due diligence on expired domains: a guide

Once you have found expired (or aged) domains for your 301 redirects or new websites, you need to perform due diligence on the expired domains. You don’t want to associate a spammy domain with your site, as doing so could…

website due diligence

Website due diligence: a primer [2022]

Ready to buy a website but don’t know how to do the necessary due diligence? I’ve written this article to introduce you to the website due diligence process, so you can do basic due diligence research. Introduction If you’re a…