Operating Your Website

A large part of a website investor’s duties is day-do-day website operation.  This includes content creation, system administration,  hiring and employment, and optimization.  This is work that you can do regardless of your level of comfort with technology.

Below, you will find the articles that I have written about how to operate your websites as a website investor — as opposed to an IT person or engineer.

Case Study: Do 301 redirects from aged domains help SEO?

For years, black-hat SEOs have been using aged domains in order to create PBNs for SEO.  But recently a new phenomenon has emerged: white-hat (or at least gray-hat) SEO experts buying aged domains and using 301 redirects in order to…

how to transfer a website after buying

How to transfer a website after buying

If you’re considering buying a website, probably one of the last things on your mind is how you will transfer it, since due diligence, valuation, and risk analysis are more pressing. Nevertheless, a transfer plan is important, since a misstep…

does page speed affect Google ranking

Does page speed really affect Google ranking?

For years, Google has been saying that Core Web Vitals, or page speed, are being used as signals for Google’s search results. But at least until lately, the weighting of this signal seemed to be relatively small. I had several…

301 redirects to rank higher

Rank higher on Google with a 301 redirect

Using a 301 redirect can help you grow your website. As a website investor, once you’ve bought a website, you will want to grow it (or at least maintain it). There are many tricks to growing your site, and I…