Can free websites make money?

can free websites make money

Can free websites make money? Absolutely! It’s very common for a free website to make thousands of dollars or more a month. In fact, there’s a whole industry based on this. There are several ways in which free websites can…

Due diligence on expired domains: a guide

how to do due diligence on expired domains

Once you have found expired (or aged) domains for your 301 redirects or new websites, you need to perform due diligence on the expired domains. You don’t want to associate a spammy domain with your site, as doing so could…

Risks of investing in websites

risks of investing in websites

This article looks at the risks of investing in websites. Investing in websites can be very lucrative. There are plenty of hundred-million dollar funds that focus on buying and running sites. But there are risks. No matter your niche, the…